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Hundreds of Pastabilities

Awarded Silver at the DINZ Best Awards        2021 in the Student Graphics section

Accepted to the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD)

‘Hundreds of Pastabilities’ is a response to the ISTD Putting Things In Order brief that asked participants to organise, sort or classify a topic. Pasta can be categorised by shape; cut; ingredient; dish; which region it came from; the cheese; sauce; vegetable and herb combinations; which wines pair best with each type of dish; and finally; how to cook; serve; and even which order to eat it within a course! The possibilities are seemingly endless.

To visualise this vast range of information, I used Suisse Int’l for my body copy as it is a clean, legible neo-grotesque sans serif. As I progressed with the project, I introduced Suisse Works – the counterpart serif to Suisse Int’l. Set in lowercase italics, Suisse Works added sophistication and a traditional feel to the book. The text is set in a ‘Pomodoro-like’ red which references the San Marzano tomato that is prominent within Italian cuisine, especially in sughi rossi (red pasta sauces). The off-white paper stock is a subtle nod towards the sandy colour of pasta itself. I have used a range of images that are in a red and off-white duotone to be consistent with the rest of the visual system. Anyone who loves pasta can enjoy this poster and book combination as it is sophisticated, but, fun!

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